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What are the main components of a robot?

Robots come in all shapes and sizes all of which require different parts for construction. These are the three general categories of robotics:ComputationWhile saying a robot has a “brain” does a disservice to what we have in our own heads, they do have a central processing unit called a controller that determines the actions they take in a given situation. These controllers can be programmed to complete tasks as simple as turning a screw or as complex as emulating human social graces and expressions.

MovementAs autonomous units, robots need specific mechanical parts to allow them to move freely without direct physical intervention from their human operators. These parts include things like wheels that allow them to travel and motors that propel them. Other components such as grippers allow them to interface with the world around them in a direct and targeted way.SensorsSensors are what allow robots to recognize their surroundings. They give them the ability to determine things like the size and shape of an object or detect heat, cold, or other properties. These capabilities allow the processors to collect data about the surrounding environment, then move accordingly.