Make it Pedagogical ( is a company that operates in the fields of Education and Training in face-to-face, blended and e-learning scenarios and Management of events and educational projects.
        In a time of great technological investments, the pedagogical dimension needs to be brought to the forefront of teaching/training and learning processes with technology. Thus, the name ‘Make it Pedagogical’ was born, firstly as a statement of professional conviction and now as a training company with a pedagogical challenge that is clear in the name that bears.
        Make it Pedagogical has been in operation since January 2018 in the city of Porto, Portugal. The company employs five highly qualified staffs (with doctorate degrees). Make It Pedagogical has several training programmes underway in Portugal. So far, near to 200 teachers are carrying out the new pedagogical approach designed by Make it Pedagogical: pedagogy-technology-space.
        The company is very active in Europe, participating in EU projects in collaboration with European educational institutions and other training providers from several EU countries.